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Double Glazing Replacement Windows – Finding an approved supplier in Worcestershire

What should I know about getting double glazing?

Providing that you buy double glazing of a decent quality then you should gain benefits in a number of different ways, from lowering of energy costs to a more comfortable home to the added value to your house. Quality replacement windows will cut out the drafts and condensation, reduce noise from outside and, providing you selected well, should really enhance the look of your home.
With a better insulated home, your double glazing should help you find it easier to turn that thermostat down and watch your heating bills start to come down.

Some estimates that I have read seem to say that you can save around 20% of your heating costs – perhaps more, but to be fair this is going to depend upon several factors, which include the quality and energy rating of the windows that you have chosen and the general condition of the rest of your home. It seems a little pointless in going to town to get the best “A” rated windows and doors that money can buy when all of your heating is going out of the walls through the loft and up a chimney – so make sure, if you want to gain maximum benefits, that you have also checked your loft insulation levels, cavity wall insulation (where applicable) and general draft proofing.

Let’s face it; your home is probably important to you: as it is likely to be where you spend “quality” time, and where you should be comfortable and relaxed. 

Some general tips and thoughts when sourcing replacement windows in Worcestershire.

Installing replacement windows and doors is a big job and a fair investment, so get it right and take the benefit of professional advice, expertise and experience. Don’t just buy on price – generally you get what you pay for.

Protect yourself and your investment by taking on professionals to do the work and to supply the double glazing – go for FENSA approved or members of the Glass & Glazing Federation so that you are protected and the work will comply with all the relevant building regulations. You are possibly going to live with the results of their workmanship and the quality of their double glazed windows for the next 25 years, so you want to know its right.

If you have a limited budget then don’t cheapen it down or opt for an inferior product, simply do what you can afford now and get the remainder done at a later stage, and start with the rooms which are utilised most often. 

Take your time in selection of both the type of window (casement / sash/ tilt and turn etc) as well as careful selection regarding the frames – remembering that if you decide on hardwood frames as opposed to say UPVC window frames, then you are committing yourself to continued maintenance of the window frames.

In terms of home security, new replacement windows are often supplied with window locks and will add a good deal of protection to your home.

Are there regulations for installing double glazing in Worcestershire? 

Certainly in England and Wales the installation must comply with building regulations and secondly all new and replacement windows have to meet agreed levels of energy efficiency.

If as stated earlier you take the precaution of using FENSA members that you will not have to apply to the local authority for building regulation compliance checks and the supplier will have offered double glazing which meets, at least, the minimum energy ratings.

If you are residing in a conservation area or occupy a listed building it is worth while checking first as separate rulings may apply and planning may also sometimes be required if replacing a “flat” window with a bay window. 

Once the installation has been completed you are required to obtain a certificate to demonstrate that the replacement windows meet the required standards. If you have used a FENSA approved installer, they are able to self certify and will provide you with the required documentation.

What does it mean when everyone says that double glazed windows are maintenance free?

The phrase is usually referring to the UPVC / PVC-u windows where the frames require simply a wipe down with a damp cloth occasionally and not the traditional rubbing down and repainting as you may have to do with say wood frame windows. It is fairer to say virtually maintenance free. 

Will we have condensation between the window panes if we have replacement double glazed windows?

With most good quality replacement windows you should not get any condensation at all. Each pane of glass is separated by a sealed 20mm argon gas filled space to maximise thermal efficiency and often now a Super Spacer is placed between the panes which virtually eliminates condensation, and improves sound insulation.     

Is there a difference between UPVC, u-PVC and PVC-u, as I keep seeing different versions?

Simply put, no there is no difference; they are all referring to unplasticised PVC which is used in building products.

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Worcestershire– Did you know…?

Worcestershire is a county located in the West Midlands region of central England. From 1974 to 1998 it was administered as part of Hereford and Worcester.

The county borders Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire. To the west, the county is bordered by the Malvern Hills, by which is located the spa town of Malvern. The western side of the hills is in the county of Herefordshire. The southern part of the county is bordered by Gloucestershire and the northern edge of the Cotswolds, and to the east is Warwickshire. The two major rivers flowing through the county are the Severn and the Avon.

Other than the city of Worcester, there are several other small to medium sized towns such as Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Malvern, Pershore, Evesham and Redditch. In the southern part of the county, the area is still largely rural.

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